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    Soft Seal & Metal Seal Knife Gate Valve

    Soft Seal & Metal Seal Knife Gate Valve

    Applicable standards:
    Design: MSS-SP-81
    Soft Seal & Metal Seal
    Bi-directional Seal
    Face to face: MSS
    Connection Ends: ASME B16.5
    Pneumatic Actuator & Electric Actuator
    Inspection and test, API 598 

    Design description:
    Full port design
    OS&Y,outside screw and yoke
    BB,Bolted bonnet
    Flexible wedge,fully guided
    Choice of solid or split wedge

    .  1. Two-way shut-off from full vacuum to the rated pressure of 150 psi (water test).
    ·  2. True bidirectional flow and shut-off, can be installed in either direction.
    ·  3. Larger flow area, minimum pressure drop.
    ·  4. Pressure against the gate is not required to achieve a seal.
    ·  5. Unsurpassed low-pressure Knife Gate Valve seal.
    ·  6. Mechanically retained seat prevents pullout.
    ·  7. Knife Gate Valve Seat is field replaceable.
    ·  8. 316 solid cast stainless steel body.
    ·  9. MSS face-to-face.
    · 10. Cast Super Yoke features: Top removal stem nut, Standard open and closed lockout positions
    · 11. Heavy cross section I-beam leg