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    Stainless Steel Castings

    1.Stainless Steel Casting
    2.Technique: silicasol
    1.Stainless Steel Casting
    2. Material: stainless steel, carbon steel and refractory steel of various specifications.
    3. Technique: silica sol process.
    4. Standard: According to specific requirements.
    5. Weight range: from 0.05 Kg to 80 Kg/PC
    6. Testing machine: spectrometer.
    7. OEM service is offered.
    8. Products coverage: aircraft manufacturing, ship building, auto, artificial limb, chemical, weapon, sanitary bath equipment and petroleum equipment etc..
    9. Products: valve, flange, elbow, screw nut, screw bolt, pipe fitting, impeller, coupling, pump parts and so on.